5 Underrated EA Games Available On Xbox Game Pass

Published: Dec 18, 2021

EA has a huge library of games and many of them are available on Xbox Game Pass. If you're an EA fan, or just looking for something new to play, here are 5 underrated EA games that are worth checking out.

Finding EA Games on Xbox is easy and there are many EA games on Xbox Game Pass. EA Games on Xbox Game Pass include FIFA 18, Mass Effect Andromeda, Mirror's Edge Catalyst, Titanfall 2, Madden NFL 18. EA games that are not currently available on Game Pass include Battlefield 1, Plants vs. Zombies Garden Warfare 2, Sim City (2013), Spore 3D.

Titanfall 2 is one of EA's most underrated EA games available on Game Pass. This game is classified as a first-person shooter game that has an emphasis on fast-paced action and multiplayer gameplay. Titanfall 2 features six game modes, two of which are quite popular with EA fans: "Hardpoint" and "Attrition". The gameplay is fun, exciting, and adrenaline-pumping, but it was left off our list because the online play became stale quickly.

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Jedi Fallen Order


About Jedi Fallen Order

Jedi Fallen Order is EA's latest game based on the Star Wars universe. It takes place between Episode III and IV with players taking control of Jedi Padawan Cal Kestis as he joins up with rebel forces to take down the oppressive Galactic Empire. The gameplay is similar to other third-person action-adventure games where you can use your force powers in combat against enemies or solve puzzles throughout levels for secret items, but there's also plenty of lightsaber duels too!


Need For Speed Heat


About Need For Speed Heat

Need for Speed Heat is a racing video game developed by Ghost Games and published by EA. It is the twenty-third installment in the Need for Speed series. The game is set in an open-world environment called Palm City, which is a fictional city based on the city of Miami. The game features two types of races: street and professional. Street races take place in regular areas of the city, while professional races take place on closed tracks. Players can purchase cars, upgrade them, and add custom parts. As they play, they earn money and Reputation Points. The former can be used to buy new cars and upgrades, while the latter is used to unlock new events, bonus content, and more powerful cars.


Knockout City


About Knockout City

Knockout City is EA's newest action-packed title that features amazing, chaotic dodgeball matches. It also includes leagues and tournaments for players to compete in and win rewards. Players may fight live against one another or the computer in one of three distinct gameplay modes: Champion Mode is a single-player campaign; Knock 'Em Out Mode is an annual online multiplayer mode; Local Play allows you to play with up to 8 friends on your TV! Choose your favorite team out of 35 outrageous outfits so you can unleash fury as a mustachioed pirate, femme robot princess, ninja pirate empress, and more.



Mirror's Edge Catalyst


About Mirror's Edge Catalyst

Mirror's Edge Catalyst EA Games is the sequel to the 2008 game Mirror's Edge. This story focuses on Faith Connors as she navigates an oppressive totalitarian regime in a quest for truth and personal integrity. The combat mechanic has been improved with more weapons, enemies improvements, and smoother animations. This title brings fast-paced action combined with fluid gameplay that results in a high replay value.


Mass Effect Andromeda


About Mass Effect Andromeda

Shepard, an N7-trained soldier and the hero of the original Mass Effect Trilogy, is back after being gone for years. To do this, EA used a robust character creation system to allow players the choice of customizing their own Shepard. In this newest installment, gamers can explore an all-new galaxy from another angle. You will have the freedom to go where you want and uncover secrets along the way. There are also new weapons and armor types based on planet locations to help keep things fresh.

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